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Does the Razer Kiyo Pro have built-in lighting / ring lights?

Razer Kiyo Pro is a major step in the development of webcams. Razer has used a new, improved camera sensor that has better low light properties than in the old Kyio model from 2017. Does this mean that the new model does not need built-in lighting?

  • Kiyo Pro does NOT have built-in lighting
  • Improved camera technology lets in more light than with the Kiyo model
  • Expect a grainy image in low light conditions – but you at least get a picture
  • A technical lift, but you have to pay expensive for it (approximately SEK 2,100)

Both yes and no. No webcam is perfect, but the Razer Kiyo Pro has much better low light properties and therefore no built-in lighting.

Old Razer Kiyo has a so-called ring lighting around the webcam’s optics. It is necessary for the camera’s old sensor to get enough light (and smoother lighting) for the image to be perceived as sharp and not grainy.

Reading tips: Razer Kiyo Pro – new webcam with 1080p / HDR & Starvis technology

The new Razer Kiyo Pro lacks the ring lighting because it is normally no longer needed. With HDR support, a more light-sensitive camera sensor and upgraded optics, the Pro variant does not need the extra light as much.

Razer Kiyo Pro uses Sony STARVIS technology

Illustration of the difference between STARVIS and non-STARVIS. Image source: Sony

Sony STARVIS is a pixel technology commonly used in security camera sensors. With STARVIS, the camera gets much higher light sensitivity than with standard camera sensors.

The sensitivity is 2,000 mV or higher per 1 µm2. Does that sound Greek? No worries, it’s Sony’s way of telling that more light reaches the camera’s sensor in really low light conditions, which means you get an image even when it’s almost completely black in the room (do not count on miracles though).

You can see a short presentation about Sony STARVIS with more technical details here if you are interested.

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