DSL VS Cable VS Fiber – Brief Introduction

DSL VS Cable VS Fiber

Internet service has been a common source of communication these days through Cable, Fiber, and DSL wiring. Fiber internet connections is providing you with much faster upload and download speed as compared to DSL and cable. It can deliver up to 250-1000 Mbps as the price may be on the higher side but more reliable when to service. You can bundle up the internet with spectrum TV packages.

The main difference between DSL and cable is that cable comprises coaxial lines which are much newer and with more bandwidth. DSL provides half of the speed range of cable internet and caps out at 25-100 Mbps. However, in some areas DSL has increased its speed because of building fiber lines nearer to residencies. 

DSL: Landline telephone lines 

DSL has been known for a much longer time because of the utilization of telephonic lines with no interruption in phone usage. It is a dial-up internet but as compared to other modern options, it is still very slow. DSL and cable internet connection are not much to be compared. One example of DSL plans is a 20 Mbps Internet-only plan by CenturyLink. 

DSL Speed:

It possesses the slowest internet speed and can only provide you with a 35 Mbps maximum. The download speed is 5-35 Mbps while the upload speed only goes up to 1-10 Mbps. MoDSL and Fiber speeds have no match worth making as fiber are 400x times faster than DSL.

DSL Internet Summary

DSL is one of the only options available in rural areas. You can see our guide if you need it. 

  1. DSL uses copper phone lines for its delivery
  2. On nationwide, it usually covers 90%
  3. DSL has less bandwidth than cable and higher latency
  4. DSL’s speed would completely enhance if you were closer to the device and local’s office.

Pros and Cons of DSL Internet


  • One of the advantages of DSL is that it provides affordable internet
  • It is readily and widely available. It has a wider coverage as compared to Fiber and Cable TV internet.
  • DSL is providing you with a dedicated connection over the years.


  • The major disadvantage of DSL is that it provides you with slower speed
  • Moreover, natural disasters can have severe impacts on the speed of the internet.
  • It offers you longer contracts. 

Cable: Cable TV lines 

As the name is suggesting it uses the coaxial wires that are providing the TV service as well and reaches your home. It is of copper TV wires. As compared to other internet options, it does provide an improved speed internet connection. The major plus point is that it is so commonly accessible now and is widely available not like fiber internet. One example is the 100 Mbps Internet-only plan by Spectrum. Check out more spectrum plans at cableinternetoption.

Cable Internet Summary

Cable’s speed is usually between 10-500 Mbps for downloading whereas it is between 5-50 Mbps for upload speeds. There are some providers, which do offer higher speeds in certain areas but these are mostly conducted in-home Wi-Fi, and cable is not meant to be that fast as compared to fiber internet. The speed will tend to slow down a little bit as well sometimes when people are using it the most. That goes to show that it can drop to 20% slow internet when everyone around you gets back home and use Netflix in their free time.

  • Internet is delivered through copper coaxial TV wires
  • It covers 89% nationwide
  • The cable gives more bandwidth sharing with neighbors
  • Due to sharing of bandwidth speed can be slowed down by 20-40% during the evenings
  • It gives lower latency and more speed as compared to DSL

Cable speed:

Cable and Fiber internet speed are rivals. When it comes to downloading speed, the cable can cope with fiber. However, lags in terms of uploading speed which cable cannot match. The downloading speed range is 10-500 Mbps while the upload speed is only 5-50 Mbps. 

Pros and Cons of Cable Internet


  • One of the biggest advantages is that it provides you with higher internet speed as compared to DSL.
  • Along with the internet speed, it provides you with the affordability of TV bundles
  • It is easily accessible and widely available.


  • It is not available in rural areas
  • It can provide you with slower speed when it comes to peak usage times

Fiber: Fiber-optic lines: 

One of the major impressive development that has been done in recent times is Fiber optic cable. It allows you to transfer data much faster as compared to any other internet connection. It is comprised of small optic lines that are made of glass. Because of this, the data is transferred in the blink of an eye and sent at the speed of light. One disadvantage of Fiber connection is that it not much accessible and widely available. One example of fiber connection is Gigabit Internet Plan by AT&T.

Fiber Internet Summary

Fiber offers you the fastest internet speed and it is more symmetrical as compared to DSL and cable providing you with the same upload and download speed. Although it is expensive, it is worth it. It will not slow down no matter how far you are from your internet service provider. It has less accessible even in major cities like San Diego and Los Angeles with 20-50% coverage. 

  • Internet is delivered through fiber optic glass cables.
  • It covers 25% of nationwide
  • More reliability with future proof technology
  • It doesn’t affect the speed despite the distance from ISP

Pros and Cons of Fiber Internet Service


  • The major perk of Fiber service is that it gives internet speed at the speed of light with Gigabit speeds
  • The download and upload speeds are the same and that is very fast as compared to DSL and Cable TV.
  • Reliability rate is much higher.


  • It is much more expensive and is on the higher side.
  • It is not readily available and its access is limited. 

Final Verdict

Fiber Optic speed has no match and it is the fastest internet speed available. The download and upload speed range is 250-1000 Mbps.

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