E3 2021 will be completely digital

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A year later and the pandemic continues to make up for it, this year’s E3 looks to be completely digital, which does not have to be a bad thing.

E3 2021 had probably everyone hoped would be a physical event where we can all meet and play and see new games, but unfortunately it is confirmed that this will not be the case this year either.

Now have one document released from the Board of Los Angeles Convention and Tourism Development where we can unfortunately see that E3 2021 has been canceled, which means that it will be completely digital instead.

We do not know exactly how all this will go, but apparently the organizers of E3 are working full time to get a good production and review the possibility of maybe still broadcast the event from LA Live or Los Angeles Convention Center.

In 2020 we only had digital events so it is not something new for us and since the pandemic seems to last, I do not mind being able to sit at home on the couch and watch a few more gaming events in the future.

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