EA surprises us with Battlefield Portal

EA surprises us with Battlefield Portal


Battlefield Portal is probably something that many fans dreamed of and really wished they had, building their own battlefield simply.

We know that Battelfield 2042 will be released in October, but that was not all that EA and Dice have cooked up, now we also got confirmation that Battlefield Portal is underway, so what is Battlefield Portal?

Battlefield Portal is a platform that will be run by the community and this is a tool that allows us to create our own rules of the game and combine soldiers, vehicles, etc. from different time periods. Quite simply, we can create our very own battlefields on our terms and conditions.

An easy simple is that you can, for example, have 10 soldiers from the Second World War against 3 soldiers from Battlefield 2042, you understand that the soldiers in the future have many advantages, but soldiers from the Second World War are more.
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This is just an example and we can probably count on a lot of exciting game modes and combinations.

In the clip below you can see some examples that have been developed and which will probably be playable when Battlefield Portal in connection with Battlefield 2042.

Battlefield Portal will thus be released at the same time as Battlefield 2042 on October 22 and then to PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series.
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