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Effective ways to make Windows 10 faster

If you want to optimize Windows 10, there are some tips that can speed up your computer and make it less prone to system problems. It does not matter if you want to improve your performance so that you can play online open-world games, casino slots or for video editing, these tips can help your computer run Windows 10 faster.

Change the computer’s battery settings

If you use the computer’s power save mode, the computer will perform more slowly. This plan reduces the performance of the computer to save energy. If you change the settings from energy saving mode to the best performance, you will notice an improvement immediately.

Disable programs that open at startup

One reason why your computer’s Windows 10 works slowly is that you have too many programs running at the same time – programs that you rarely or never use. Quit the programs and the computer will perform better.

You can find all the programs that are running by opening the activity manager by clicking on “more information”. Here you will find everything that is running right now, but what we will focus on are the programs that open automatically when the computer is started. Click the “autostart” tab to bring up all the programs that open when Windows 10 starts. To deactivate a program, right-click and then “deactivate”

Turn off OneDrive syncing

Microsoft cloud based OneDrive, built into Windows 10, keeps files in sync and up-to-date with all your computers and devices. It is also a useful backup tool, if your computer or its hard drive dies so you can still restore your files and photos.

OneDrive does this by continuously syncing your PC and the cloud, which can also slow down your computer. If you therefore want to speed up your computer, then turn off the synchronization between OneDrive and your PC. But before turning off synchronization altogether, first check if the program is actually slowing down your computer or not. It’s silly to turn off syncing if your computer is not relatively affected by OneDrive.

Enable automatic maintenance of Windows

Every day, Windows 10 performs behind-the-scenes maintenance on your computer. It can be about security scanning or system diagnostics, to check that everything is working properly and automatically fix any problems so that your computer works as well as possible. This automatic process is performed around 02:00 every night, as long as the computer is connected to a power source and is in sleep mode. However, there is a chance that this service is disabled. You can decide when you want to carry out the process manually or if you want the computer to do everything for you automatically.

Clean your hard drive

If you have a hard drive filled with files that you do not need, this can slow down your PC. Clearing the hard disk will speed up the computer. Windows 10 has a smart built-in tool that does this, called Storage Sense. For this feature to work, click Settings> System> Storage and at the top of the screen you can enable and disable Storage Sense. When this is turned on, Windows will review your PC and delete old files that you no longer need, e.g. as temporary files in the download folder that have not been used for over a month and old files in the Recycle Bin.

Get rid of bloatware and adware

Sometimes it is not Windows 10 that is the reason why your computer is slow, but adware or bloatware that takes up resources and CPU. To check if you have an adware or bloatware running, do a system scan. You can use e.g. Windows 10 built-in anti-malware app (Windows Defender), Norton Security or McAfee LiveSafe. These are the most common anti-malware programs used today. The programs will look for any malicious code that may be on your computer and delete any that are found.

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