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Electric 101: Know More About Automatic Generator Transfer Switch

Automatic Generator Transfer Switch

A seamless transfer of load connection from the primary to the backup source is fundamental to a proficient backup power system. Developments in technology have led to the advent of several advanced electrical components that have enhanced load transfer efficiency across industrial, residential, and commercial facilities.

An automatic generator transfer switch is one such innovation that has transformed the emergency power transfer system. This article gives you a comprehensive overview of an automatic generator transfer switch.

Automatic Generator Transfer Switch: A Brief Overview

Transferring the connected load to the backup generator was a process that was traditionally supervised with the help of a manual transfer switch that necessitated human intervention. Operators and facility managers would have to flip the transfer switch manually to allow the generators to supply adequate power to all connected systems.

While the process was fairly simple, it led to a significant loss of data and time. Moreover, there would be a complete blackout when the power was cut, which would hamper movement inside the facilities.

An automatic generator transfer switch is an electrical component that completely replaces human involvement. It automatically detects the power cut and switches from the primary power source to the emergency generators.

The Working Mechanism of an Automatic Generator Transfer Switch

  • The automatic generator transfer switch consistently monitors the voltage incoming from the utility line
  • As soon as there is any interruption in power coming from the primary utility line, the transfer switch signals the generator to commence working
  • Once the generator reaches optimal speed, the transfer switch cuts the power coming from the primary source and opens the backup power line incoming from the generators
  • In a short span, the generators begin supplying power to the connected electrical systems while still monitoring the utility supply lines
  • As soon as the utility power supply reaches a stable state, the automatic generator transfer switch detects and transfers the power back to the primary power source.
  • The transfer switch moves back to the initial state, where it constantly monitors for any loss of supply from the utility line.

Automatic Generator Transfer Switch: The Switching Mechanisms

  • Contactor: One of the most economical switching mechanisms to choose from, contactors are made as a double-throw switch where a single operator opens a set of power contactsat a time.
  • Power frame: These switches are more powerful and faster than moulded case switches. They run on a two-step stored energy technology that allows electrical and manual operation under load. 
  • Moulded case: Leveraged for interrupting and closing an electrical circuit under both abnormal and normal conditions, a molded case switching mechanism can support a mechanical, motor, and over-center operator.

The Role of a Reputed Electrical Service Provider

As a vital safety component, it is important for facility owners to get a high-quality automatic generator transfer switch. With a plethora of service providers in the market, finding the right electrical service provider can prove to be an arduous task. We would recommend you do your research and find a provider with a range of automatic transfer switches for commercial businesses and other mission-critical facilities.

The best electrical service providers will have experts who will understand your electrical power supply system along with your backup power installations. After a due assessment, they would recommend a transfer switch that perfectly fits your residential, commercial, or industrial facility.

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