Buy “Burning Bridges” at the weekend for € 1.99

Buy “Burning Bridges” at the weekend for € 1.99

It’s the weekend that“To* “> Amazon Popcorn Deals run and there is also the Pageturner. The reduced e-book of the week is a romance by an aspiring book author. Tami Fischer is a book blogger, bookseller and Spiegel bestselling author and the novel “Burning Bridges” is her first work.

“When we meet there are no sparks. When we meet, we go up in flames “

His name was Ches. That was all I knew No past and no identity. Everything about him radiated danger, but I couldn’t keep away from him. I was metal and he was the magnet that attracted me. But it wasn’t just me; darkness and anger and mystery accompanied him like moths accompanied light. I may have been broken, but if he thought I was weak, he made a mistake. I would reveal each of its secrets. And if I had to burn to dispel its darkness, I would enjoy every second in the fire.

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