How many users does Disney Plus have? (February 2021)

Disney Plus has grown significantly since its launch, and soon the movie service will reach the extra milestone of 100 million users. This according to Disney’s own quarterly report.

Disney had a goal of reaching between 60 and 90 million users within five years. After crushing that goal, Disney raises the number to 260 million instead.

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Notable in this context is that Netflix by comparison has 204 million users. And if Disney Plus continues to grow by 8 million users per month, the movie service may overtake Netflix soon.

One reason why Disney Plus has gone so strong is the current pandemic. From the second to the third quarter, the service increased by 24 million new subscribers, or an increase of almost 72 percent.

It is not clear how many new subscribers have signed up for monthly or annual subscriptions or how many have acquired Disney Plus with an offer.

In December, Disney unveiled its plan for the next 100 movies and TV series that the company will produce or purchase. Around 80 of these will land on the film service in the future; including several titles in the Marvel and Star Wars universes.

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