Lost Judgment has been announced

Lost Judgment has been announced - Teknikhype.se

SEGA has now presented a sequel to Judgment which became a big favorite with many, Lost Judgment will be released already this year.

We like this, a game is announced and it will be released (as it looks now) the same year. Judgment, which is a spinoff on Yakuza and was released in 2018, finally gets a sequel.

Lost Judgment is the name of the sequel and this time we will play as the former lawyer Takayuki Yagami who has a case more personal than he is used to. This time we will not play in Kamurocho but we will move to the city of Yokohama which is the same place as before Yakuza: Like a Dragon took place.

Lost Judgment will be released on PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series, unfortunately not PC as it looks now. The date we will write up is September 24 if everything goes as planned.

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