Epos has released the streaming microphone B20

Epos B20

Epos are best known for their gaming headsets, but now it’s time to show how a microphone should be according to them, focus on streaming.

Epos B20 is a microphone that has streaming in focus, this is mainly because there is the possibility to mutate the microphone and adjust the sound volume.
Epos B20 is a capacitor microphone that has a sample rate of 48 KHz and 24-bit.

The design of the B20 is a fairly small microphone in brushed aluminum, on the microphone we find three rotatable buttons that make it possible to set different sound recording modes, adjust the volume of the headphones that you can connect directly to the B20 and the last button you can turn off the microphone with mute button.

Epos B20 is connected with USB-C, which really does not provide any advantage other than that you can use the cable you already have when needed. The advantage of the B20 is that it not only works on PC with Windows but also on Mac and Playstation 4.

Epos B20 can be bought already now, the price tag is SEK 2,200.

Epic B20 Epic B20

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