Eternal life – Chat online with the dead


What happens after death? Is there eternal life? Primary questions that man has asked himself in all ages and which still remain today, despite the high-tech society we have achieved.
There is no scientific answer, but only religious in various manifestations among the cultures that populated our planet for millennia. But
Microsoft seems to have taken the questions seriously and seems to have discovered the elixir of life.

The US Patent and Registration Office (USPTO) recently granted Microsoft a patent for a chatbot (an online conversation application) based on a profile of a specific deceased person. The chatbot should use all the information that the deceased has created on social media and make a kind of virtual version of the person controlled by artificial intelligence. According to Microsoft’s new patent, it is thus possible to use images, voice data, social media posts, messages and emails to create an avatar of the deceased person’s personality. This digital profile allows engineers to use it to “train” a chatbot to communicate as the dead person. Even more worrying: the application can also take the form of the beloved deceased person in a “2D or 3D model” and use his voice during a conversation.

Such a type of chatbot, apart from all moral, ethical and religious aspects, opens up a complicated scenario regarding the deceased’s integrity and rights to his or her own data.

Text: Massimo Bonasorte

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