Everything To Know About DED Professional License in Dubai

Dubai is known for trading business activities online and across the social networking accounts. DED stands for Department of Economic Developments. DED have the responsibility of plan and policies to regulate all the economic performance of Dubai. Super-wise its functions and support the economic development to ensure the objectives of the Dubai strategic plan are achieved. There are four new agencies under its umbrella that includes, Export Development, Retail Development, Entrepreneurship Development and Foreign Investment. These sectors are the responsibility of Dubai Export Development Corporation.

Service that DED provides:

There are numbers of services DED provides to its existing business owners and entrepreneurs of Dubai.

  • Instant Trade license
  • Reserve trade name.
  • Renew license.
  • Renew trade name.
  • Issue initial approvals.
  • Issue branch initial approvals.
  • Print license.
  • License activities’ terms and conditions.
  • Manage license contact.
  • Pay inspection fines.
  • Update mobile number.

Legal contract related services:

  • Issue legal contract
  • Issue legal contract for license.
  • Approve legal contract.
  • Print legal contract.

Also, you can get your queries related answers.

  • 1 Transaction status/payments.
  • 2 Search business activities.
  • 3 Search trade names.
  • 4 Search license information.
  • 5 Search sales and promotions.

Dubai offers three different types of license.

  1. A Commercial License is given to those who trade business activities.
  2. An Industrial License is given to those who manufacturing business.
  3. A Professional License is given to those who are service providers, artisans and craftsmen.

Here we discuss two of them which are, Commercial and Professional trade licenses in detail.

What is commercial trade license in Dubai?

The commercial trade license is required when a business activities involve, trading (selling) of goods. Under this license many types of activities are approved, such as: General Trading, Electronic Trading and Software Trading. A commercial license is suitable for both general and specialized traders in Dubai/UAE. Businesses related to retail, construction, and real estate required a commercial trade license of Dubai. When you start a business in Dubai you need to acquire a business license to operate the business legally. There are several types of business license that are available, you need one of them depending on your business activities.

What is professional trade license in Dubai?

Dubai is very keen observer related to business investments to empower foreign individuals to setup their business operations in the UAE. As we very well know Dubai is an excellent place to start a business as an entrepreneur business leader who has the drive to sell goods and services outside the border. Dubai is an ideal location for a businessman to establish a company due to its favorable tax system.

However, if you are thinking to start a business, you must need a valid DED license in Dubai.

Under Professional License activities that are allowed: A person who is willing to provide services in Dubai such as, Consult, audit, editi, web designer, elevation designer, tourism adviser, or any other professional services based on ability of talent and experience, must obtain a Professional DED license In Dubai.

And now you engage the activities that are consistent with your qualification and expertise.

Professional services in Dubai:

it is necessary to have talent, knowledge, analytical ability experience, to complete the task or project independently. Government agencies are responsible for managing industry standards, legislation, ensuring health and safety. They make sure that business is conducting by a registered professionals who follow the law and regulations by the respective Ministry.

  • Computer and graphic design services.
  • Medical services.
  • Consultancy services.
  • Carpentry
  • Artisan ship.
  • Security services.
  • Printing and publishing.
  • Beauty salons.
  • Repair services.
  • Document clearing.
  • Inventive engineering, i.e, the engineering design includes mechanical, manufacturing, electrical and chemical systems.
  • Services in Information Technology, I.e, web designing, networking, cybersecurity, application development, management, processing, and analysis.

As compared to Industrial and Commercial licenses, Professional license enables foreign investor to own 100 percent to the business. Granting them the privileges of a sole proprietorship. To complete the judicial formalities, it is necessary to appoint a local service agent

Procedure for obtaining a Professional License:

For applying a professional license, the first and important step you need to provide a complete overview of the activities carried out in one’s company. Then a hire a local service agent that take care all the paperwork.

You must reserve a business name for that there is fee require. And then send all the documents to DED for approvals.

  • Fill out the local service agreement.
  • If the agreement is in Arabic, you need a translator.
  • Make an agreement with the sponsor in the form of Memorandum of Association (MOA)
  • Discuss the sponsor’s fee early.
  • To sign the court agreement all the partners/owner must appear at the registrar.
  • Obtain local consent for the contract.
  • All form must be submit with attestations.
  • Make a payment and collect the license from the counter.
  • Cost of Professional License in Dubai:

The cost of Professional License in Dubai is around AED 15,310 including.

  • Professional License Fee.
  • Service agent fee.
  • Trade name fee.
  • Market fee.
  • Administrative service fee.
  • Government cultural fee.
  • Local fee etc.

The cost of professional license in Dubai fluctuates with time.

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