Expand the SSD in PS5 already this summer

Playstation 5 dualsense

The slot is already there for SSD in Playstation 5, but it is not open or available in terms of software, but maybe for the summer.

As many may already know, Sony has prepared and given us the opportunity to upgrade our Playstation 5 in the future with more storage space oh this by installing an M.2 SSD, but this port is currently “locked”.

Sony says that the reason it is “locked” is because there are not enough fast SSDs or SSDs that according to them keep the measure of speed and performance.

But this seems to have changed a bit now and then Bloomberg has come across information that Sony plans to make it possible to expand the space with SSD already this summer.

Playstation 5 SSD

So we no longer have to settle for the 667.2GB that we are dealing with now but we can upgrade to a few Terabytes if we are lucky.

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