Experts are again investigating effects on pacemakers

Experts are again investigating effects on pacemakers

It was recently indicated that the iPhone 12 could cause problems for people with a pacemaker. Further findings from American heart specialists are now available. After that, pacemakers and integrated defibrillators switch off when they come into contact with an iPhone 12. The good news: Most of them start working again when the iPhones are removed.
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The iPhone 12 (Affiliate link) triggers unwanted side effects in pacemakers, as we have already done in one previous message had reported. This is due to the new MagSafe functionality, with which wireless charging is upgraded. This is realized by a ring-shaped arrangement of magnets, which is built into all four iPhone 12 models. Researchers at the American Henry Ford Heart and Vascular Institute have now looked again at the danger posed by the iPhone 12 for patients with pacemakers.

Implants restart after contact with iPhone 12

Gurjit Singh and his colleagues at the institute confirmed that an implanted defibrillator was switched off as soon as an iPhone 12 Pro comes closer to a wearer’s chest. As long as the iPhone was there, the medical device was also out of order. Once the iPhone 12 was removed from the patient’s chest, the implant also returned to its normal operation, media reports told the doctor quoted. The problem is by no means insignificant: Around 300,000 Americans receive a pacemaker every year. Last year, a quarter of the smartphones sold in the US were iPhone 12s.

Apple has published a support document on the subject, which at least now mentions possible minimum distances for patients, Apfelpage.
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de reported. All in all, one would like the company to provide somewhat clearer information.

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