Extended restrictions for casinos with a Swedish license

Since the Swedish license was introduced, both players and operators have been forced to make major changes. Bonuses have been limited to one bonus per player and license. In addition, it has become much easier to turn itself off thanks to Game break which means that a self-suspension applies to all licensed casinos.

After the outbreak of the covid 19 pandemic, there have been even stricter restrictions. Sweden’s Minister of Trade and Industry Ardalan Shekarabi came up with a new bill that came into force. From the beginning, it would apply to everyone casino with Swedish license until the turn of the year 2020/21 but now the restrictions have been extended. The new dates are set for the last June 2021. Despite major protests, the government stands by itself and for the Swedish players licensed by the Swedish Gaming Inspectorate, it is only acceptable that the first seven months of 2021 will mean continued strict restrictions for operators.

The deposit limits of SEK 5,000 per game page continue

The biggest restriction that applies now is the deposit limits of SEK 5,000. This means that an individual player can make a maximum deposit of SEK 5,000 per week per game page. The decision with these restrictions has been met with mixed opinions. Some think it’s good because it prevents players from losing too large sums. At the same time, voices are being raised for how effective it really is.

The deposit limit of SEK 5,000 per week does not apply in total at Swedish casinos but per individual site. Considering that the number of licensees is over 70, a player can in theory deposit over SEK 350,000 a week. There are hardly any levels that promote responsible gaming. In addition, the new restrictions are not adapted to a person’s finances. For a person who is a millionaire, the conditions look different than for a person with a middle income. For a person with a regular Swedish salary, SEK 5,000 a week, ie approximately SEK 20,000 a month, is a lot of money.

For high rollers who have the finances and the conditions, SEK 5,000 is nothing and instead of being able to play at a favorite casino, they are now forced to commute between different casinos to be able to play.

The three-second rule on slot machines

That Swedes like to spin slot machines is nothing new. This has been the case since online casinos began to appear among Swedes’ computers and mobile devices. A rule introduced due to the pandemic is that each spin on slots must not be shorter than three seconds. For those who are used to auto spin or like high tempo, it is not possible to get anymore. Without the slot machine will pause until the three seconds have elapsed before the next spin can be placed.

Mandatory time limits

It is also a requirement with mandatory time limits that players must set. This applies to all players who not only have deposit limits and bonus restrictions but must also adhere to time limits. It is therefore mandatory for players to set limits on playing time when playing at online casinos.

The rules do not apply to betting

It may seem somewhat surprising that the rules do not apply to betting. This way, players can continue to take advantage of betting sites without the same restrictions. Then it is important to choose so that you can only choose betting at a gaming site. If the player instead chooses to play both casino and betting, the restrictions of SEK 5,000 per week will apply to both casino and betting. This is a setting that you can choose yourself after the registration on the game page is completed.

The bonus limits of SEK 100 continue

The biggest change regarding bonuses will already occur on January 1, 2019. At that time, it was changed to a maximum of one bonus per player and license. But the amounts that the gaming companies were allowed to give were still individual. Therefore, we saw some offer SEK 1,000 while others ran larger bonuses of SEK 10,000.

According to the rules that have been extended, however, a maximum of SEK 100 per licensee and player is allowed. This means that the online casino can give a maximum of SEK 100 in cash or a bonus worth SEK 100. For example, it can be about 100 cash spins to a value of 1 krona or something similar.

But the value must never exceed SEK 100.

How long do the extended restrictions apply?

The restrictions that were introduced in the summer of 2020 were intended to apply until the turn of the year. But as mentioned, it has been extended until the last of June 2021. Depending on what the situation looks like in the world by the summer, there is always a risk that the restrictions will be extended further.

According to the Gaming Act, all gaming sites that operate on the Swedish market must have a Swedish license in place. This is issued by The Gaming Inspectorate and on their website you can see all players who have a license approved. Always choose a casino with a Swedish license to get a safe gaming experience. If something should happen between you and the casino, a Swedish authority in the form of the Swedish Gaming Inspectorate is there and acts as a mediator for you. In addition, it also means tax-free winnings when you choose casinos with a Swedish license. Therefore, we recommend that you always do this when playing online casino.

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