Facebook develops a smartwatch – focuses on health and Messenger

facebook develops a smartwatch

Facebook may have a smartwatch under development. A model that focuses on the user’s health and the ability to send messages. And maybe we can get the smartwatch to trade already next year.

The website The Information reports that Facebook is working on a smartwatch. The focus is on health-related functions and should allow users to compare different health data with each other (it is unclear which data it includes).

The smartwatch must also support messaging services. It is probably no big deal that Messenger, WhatsApp, and Instagram are probably among the messaging services that can be used.

The Information also writes that Facebook uses a specially designed variant of Android in the smartwatch. It opens for third-party apps from the Play Store, but whether Facebook intends to offer that option is unclear.Furthermore, the smartwatch must have built-in support for connection to the mobile network. This allows you to send and receive messages, and potential calls, without having to have your mobile phone nearby.

It is unclear exactly when the smartwatch can or will be released. We know that the development will be in a later part of the development phase, and there is talk of launching in 2022.

The big question is not really whether Facebook will release the smartwatch or not, but whether users actually want one from the company.

Facebook tried to launch a smart speaker with a screen and camcorder, but it totally flopped because no one wants it in their homes. The risk to privacy was simply too great.

Now it remains to be seen if a smartwatch feels reasonable or not. What do you think – will Facebook’s smartwatch become a hit or flop?

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