Facebook is working on an instagram for children

Facebook is working on an instagram for children

Facebook wants to ensure that their younger users get their own platform that is very similar to instagram and where only they can hang out.

To be able to use Instagram today, you must be 13 years or older, but now Facebook wants to develop a platform that also suits those under 13 years of age.

Facebook is currently considering whether to build a platform similar to Instagram for children, ie those under 13 years of age. This information comes from BuzzFeed News who came across some documents from Facebook where you can find these plans, among other things, as it looks now, however, nothing has been nailed or under development.

An interesting name that appears in the document is Pavni Diwanji who, among other things, was involved in launching Youtube Kids, which has nevertheless gone quite well for being such a large platform as Youtube.

But can it really help or do children under 13 need their own social media like Instagram? There are no better things than social media for the younger ones.

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