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Facebook officially supports OpenXR – stops using its own APIs for VR


Facebook announces that the company officially supports the OpenXR API and that the Oculus Quest series will use the standard in the future.

  • Older games can potentially stop working over time
  • All new features for the Oculus VR headset are based on OpenXR
  • Plenty of time for developers to update their apps and games

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The news has made many developers nervous as it makes the future uncertain for Facebook’s own, proprietary PC VR API which OpenXR will replace.

But Facebook says that the PC VR API will not disappear in the foreseeable future, so all existing apps and games will work just as before even when OpenXR is updated for the Quest series.

At least to some extent. In a clarifying message, Facebook says that some apps and games may stop working properly on older VR headsets. However, there will be forward compatibility, so all newer models should work without problems.

The old PC VR API will not be shut down – yet

When the PC VR API has a planned shutdown date, the developers will have plenty of time to implement the necessary changes so that apps and games work as usual.

As far as we know today, the shutdown will take place sometime in 2022.
That means plenty of time to release updates, but the question is how many developers actually intend to fix their older games and apps.

All new features added to the VR headset will use OpenXR.

The decision means that Facebook stands behind the same standard as several other VR players today. Including Valve.

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