Facebook wants to show ads in your VR headset (Oculus Quest / Rift)

Facebook bans all information that vaccines are dangerous

Your Oculus Quest will soon show ads in apps and games.
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It announces Facebook which also reveals that they are starting with the game Blaston in collaboration with the developer Resolution Games.
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  • Promises not to use raw data from cameras and sensors
  • You can hide specific ads and from ad networks
  • It is unclear how much money the developers will receive

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This is the first time that Facebook wants to use ads in its VR headsets from Oculus. And it will not be the last time.

In addition to Resolution Games, Facebook has contacted other game studios and developers. The goal is to get a test data that reveals how advertising can and should be used in VR headsets in the future.

At least for the time being, users who rely on in-game advertising and apps can hide them. You can hide specific ads and entire ad networks if you want.

Ads in Oculus VR headsets open up for privacy issues

Advertising in VR headsets opens up a lot of possible privacy issues. Like that Facebook can open up for the misuse of cameras and sensors in the VR headset. Here, Facebook has promised that raw data will not be used, and that weight and height data from Oculus Move will remain on the device.

We do not use information processed and stored locally on your headset to target ads


Facebook has also said it does not intend to use motion data, voice interactions or other forms of conversation to target and display ads. Read the full privacy statement here.

We know that Facebook intends to share the revenue with the developers (unsurprisingly). However, it is unclear what percentage goes to companies outside of Facebook.

Work on advertising is ongoing, but will not be broadened until Facebook finds a way to show the ads without them being disruptive or obscure.

More information follows.

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