Faster updates to Google Chrome – 4-week intervals

Google is preparing faster updates for the Chrome browser. From version 94 onwards, the idea is that Chrome will get a new update every four weeks.

  • Faster updates with more news for the normal user
  • Extended Stable with six-week intervals for business users
  • Comes with Chrome 96 which will be released in the third quarter of this year

Until today, Chrome has been updated every six weeks. The updates contain everything from new functions to optimizations of various kinds as well as bug fixes.

As Google has improved its own update process, it has become possible to speed up the launch of these updates. This allows Chrome to be improved once a month instead.

The change does not happen immediately.
It will not be until the third quarter of 2021 that Chrome 96 will be released, which will enable the faster update process. But only for the normal user.

Business users can continue with six-week intervals just as before.

Google is introducing a new option for a new version of Chrome called Extended Stable. It means that IT administrators do not have to struggle with faster updates that must first be checked, tested and then approved for installation on all computers.

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