Favorite Women’s Shorts of the Summer So Far

Favorite Women’s Shorts of the Summer So Far

Summer is in full swing, festival season is mid-song, and women are reaching for shorts for all kinds of celebrations! 

Women All Over The World Are Embracing the Cropped Pant 

There was a time when the word ‘shorts’ would strike fear in many women, whose memory of short trousers takes them back to unflattering teenage styles worn during spring break or suffering uncomfortable nylon shorts in PE lessons. 

Today we can celebrate the fact that there are many more options, designed with women’s varied shapes in mind! With hems sitting anywhere from upper thigh to grazing the ankle, waistbands to flatter any shape, and fabrics to make a bold statement, cropped pants are here to stay. Keep reading for your rundown of the most popular women’s shorts in 2022. 

A Modern Classic That Still Makes the News

Since their initial early-20th Century controversy died (shorts were actually banned in some US states in the 1950s!) shorts still manage to make the headlines. In the sporting world, it was recently reported that the England women’s soccer team was in talks with Nike to move away from their traditional white, in favor of a more period-friendly color. But what about shorts away from the playing field?

Favorite Women’s Shorts 2022

Jean Shorts 

Denim is a great place to start with shorts because jeans are so familiar to many of us already. On her recent visit to the UK, style queen Meghan Markle was reported to be sporting a pair of shorts at a polo match – her choice was a pair of denim, women’s high-waisted shorts, teamed with a loose, lighter wash denim shirt. 

On the other end of the spectrum, rough and ready cut-off jeans complete with frayed hems are really sexy women’s shorts – especially with chunky boots. You can still look cute by pairing them with heels and a fitted tee, or dark dye jeans shorts with a white Oxford shirt are perfect partners if you want to wear your denim for work, for example. 

Bermuda Shorts

Bermuda shorts just skim the upper knee, which makes them your perfect garment if you feel shy, want to cover up in the sun, or need to wear something a little less casual. In fact, they can even pass as a skirt if they are a loose enough fit! Styles like our Boy Cut Bermuda can be worn with a fun sun top for casual summer days, or with a loose blouse and mules in the office. 

Biker Shorts

Do you prefer to be active outdoors during the summer months? Biker shorts are great for ease of movement – they are a little tomboyish but can be adapted to be as feminine as you like. Model Bella Hadid was spotted wearing biker shorts in New York, looking both powerful and feminine in sporty sneakers and a rainbow-colored, unzipped top. You can also wear them with casual flats and a pretty crop top for a more beachy look. 

Capri Shorts

Audrey Hepburn loved to show her dancer’s legs, and her signature capri pants are the demure way to show a little leg while staying cool and looking oh-so-stylish. The capri hem can vary: it can sit just below the knee or graze the ankle. And their bonus is that on really humid summer days, they will stop your pins from feeling too sticky! Pair with ballet flats, cute sneakers, or a heeled court shoe for added glamor! 

Patterned Shorts

What better way to express yourself with a vibrant pattern on your shorts? You can go bold with animal print and neon colors, or stay cool and classic with polka dots or pinstripes! Other very popular women’s shorts styles this summer are unusual materials like leather and fake leather, as well as timeless cotton and linen – and another fabric making a comeback on the beach this year is terry cloth, ideal for a post-swim cover-up! 

We Hope You Enjoyed This Short Tour…

In the end, there is so much potential with a pair of cropped pants – and with so many different lengths, colors, fabrics, and widths, shorts are proving to be everyone’s best friend in summer 2022 no matter how short your comfort zone is. Find your style, experiment, and have fun – we know you will fall in love with this summer staple for years to come!

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