Final Fantasy as Battle royale on mobile

Final Fantasy as Battle royale on mobile

Square Enix apparently has a lot going on with Final Fantasy but maybe really what the fans expected, Final Fantasy battle royale?

We are waiting to get more Final Fantasy VII Remake, we are waiting to hear and see more of Final Fantasy XVI but before we get it we have to settle for a mobile game and not enough that it is a mobile game, it is a battle royale .

I do not think anyone saw this coming, Final Fantasy VII: The first Soldier is Square Enix’s answer to battle royale and to mobile.

Final Fantasy VII: The first Soldier will take place 30 years before the Final Fantasy VII Remake where we play as Shinra soldiers with slightly different abilities and different weapons.
There is currently no date for Final Fantasy VII: The First Soldier, but it is guaranteed to be a success in Asia where mobile games are gigantic.

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