First AirPods Max reviews | when will the Apple Car roll?

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Tomorrow together! Well, let’s see. – Wasn’t busy in Apple Land yesterday. We dealt with the few things quickly. And luckily it will soon be the weekend again. So what did we …

The Apple Car is alive – it seems. First, Apple’s AI boss takes over the department personally, shortly afterward strange but interesting rumors about the future of the Apple car leak to the public, here the information. Accordingly, something could actually start rolling in 2024 or the following year. Well, it was so moderate now, please see me, but it still had to be.

Alone, the trust of some readers in a possible Apple car is currently not that high, although I remember years ago there were similar slogans with regard to Microsoft and a possible entry into the car industry.
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There were always nice pictures like β€œTouch the steering wheel, gearshift, and brake pedal at the same time to restart your car”. We will see.

The iPad 9 could come in spring

Apple’s next version of the entry-level iPad could already be presented in the spring, according to Chinese sources. Touch ID and Lightning remain the same, but what would be new would be a better processor and a larger display.

The AirPods Max are discussed further

It didn’t take long before the first assessments of the AirPods Max emerged. But how detailed can they be? There’s more here, We have planned more detailed feed on the subject in a while.

In short

What else was important

The AirPods Max are revealed by the way mostly in Vietnam manufactured, here more details. Apple has continued to work to make itself independent of the location in China, but they did not want to do without the work of Chinese manufacturers.

iOS 14.3 and macOS 11.1 receive additional developer versions

Apple has the Release candidate of macOS 11.1 distributed to the developers, so it will probably come soon for all users and will hopefully be the first macOS Big Sur that is reasonably error-free. There was one too second RC for iOS 14.3 and iPadOS 14.3, this update will probably come in a few days and also hopefully with a few errors that are currently still affecting some users, I just say the battery is empty and reception is disturbed.

Apple is handling an old memo app.

To be honest, I didn’t even know such a thing existed: Apple introduced an app that is primarily aimed at musicians four years ago. It was apparently not acceptable to the extent desired and now it will soon be over: The app will be discontinued at the beginning of March 2021, but existing content can still be extracted.

And with that I recommend myself, I wish you all a good Friday!
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