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Fitbit’s services were down on March 3 – no data accessible

Fitbit had problems with its servers earlier on Wednesday. Several services were down, which meant that users could not synchronize data. It also prevented access to history of exercise data and sleep patterns.

  • Fitbit’s gadgets could not sync properly
  • Fitbit Premium was not accessible for several hours
  • The apps in the mobile could load the interface but nothing more

Fitbit confirmed via Twitter that they had a problem with their servers. In the same announcement that was published at 21.09, Fitbit said that all services were available again to users.

At the time of posting, all of Fitbit’s services had been inaccessible for approximately six hours. It prevented users from seeing important health data such as sleep patterns and heart activity.

Fitbit Premium users were also affected. Workouts and mindfulness sessions were not accessible just like other workout data.

Anyone who was logged in to Fitbit’s services when the servers went down continued to be logged in, but happened to log out or if you were logged out from the start, it was not possible to log in at all during the period.

Fitbit was quick to draw attention to the problem and posted a notice in the Fitbit app informing that the company was working on a solution. The notice worked because the interface in the mobile app could actually load, but that the underlying modules for various services failed in the socket.

At nine o’clock in the evening, Fitbit reported that the problems had been solved and that all services could be used again. At that time, devices began to synchronize and history was accessible again.

Anyone who moved while the problems with the servers lasted did not have to worry as all activity data on the device is of course synchronized as soon as the contact was resumed with the servers.

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