Fixed telephony at Telia is becoming more expensive

Telia Fast telefoni

Telia continues to raise prices for fixed telephony and soon it will be even more expensive, almost as good to just drive a mobile phone instead of fixed telephony.

There may not be very many who have fixed telephony in Sweden, but the few who have will unfortunately get the sad news that prices are rising. Previously, Telia Bas cost SEK 329 a month, but this is now increased to SEK 379.

Last year, there were 1.6 million subscriptions to fixed telephony in Sweden, of which almost half of these are from Telia.

If you look at 2017, Telia had over 1.6 million subscriber customers, but which is not entirely unexpectedly slowly but surely decreasing.

It clearly pays to have a mobile instead of fixed telephony today, but the question is how long it will take before these 1.

6 million subscribers with fixed telephony realize that a change can benefit the wallet.

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