Foot Slave Overview

Foot slavery is a type of BDSM practice in which one person consensually serves another as a submissive by engaging in activities such as licking, scrubbing, and massaging their partner’s feet. 

Foot enslaved people receive orders from their dominant partners and derive pleasure from pleasing them. They may be asked to clean their feet with a toothbrush or provide foot massage services.

Foot enslaved people are usually expected to keep their partner’s feet clean and well-manicured at all times. The role is often seen as humiliating, making it an essential part of BDSM play for those who enjoy humiliation kinks. 

In addition to physical activities like scrubbing and massaging, foot-enslaved people may be asked to provide moving services such as listening and affirmation for their dominant partner.

Definition of Foot Slave

A foot slave, also known as a foot worshipper or pedicurist, is a person who derives pleasure from providing and receiving attention to the feet. Foot slavery has been practiced for centuries in many cultures and is still prevalent among those who enjoy unconventional forms of sexual expression. 

Being a foot slave can involve physical touch, such as licking or rubbing the feet; verbal communication, such as compliments about the feet’s appearance; and non-verbal activities, such as buying gifts for one’s partner or arranging special outings together. 

A foot slave may even perform elaborate rituals related to their partner’s feet. For instance, they may serve drinks or snacks on their partner’s lap while massaging their toes.

History of Foot Slavery

Foot slavery was a form of labor exploitation used in the 18th and 19th centuries to make clothes from cotton. Foot slaves were mainly located in the southern United States but were also found in parts of Europe and England. They would work long hours with no breaks or days off, often through their exhaustion and illness. 

Foot slaves mainly worked on looms that were powered by their bare feet as well as spinning wheels. This labor-intensive process resulted in painful blisters and other foot injuries that prevented them from performing other tasks outside of weaving cloth. 

The primary purpose of this type of slavery was to create affordable clothing for many people who could not otherwise afford it. It is estimated that more than 200,000 people were enslaved, primarily African American men and women, during this period.

Types of Foot Slaves

Foot slaves are a type of submissive partner in a BDSM relationship who perform sexual activities for the dominant partner. Foot slaves can be either male or female and may enjoy providing their services to any gender, depending on their individual preferences. 

Depending on the individual kink, some foot slaves may massage and worship the feet of their Dominant. In contrast, others will go further by engaging in more intimate activities such as licking and kissing the feet, allowing them to be stepped upon, or using them as objects during various sex acts. 

The level of intensity that each foot slave chooses to engage in depends solely upon their desires and boundaries. Some partners might enjoy wearing special shoes while they serve as foot slaves, while others might savor being forced into tight boots or high heels by their Dominant.

Benefits & Risks

The term “foot slave” is an old and often misunderstood concept. It can have both benefits and risks associated with it, depending on the type of arrangement. 

For some, a person who carries out activities such as massaging their feet or helping them with shopping can be beneficial to their health and well-being. They may also appreciate the companionship of having someone do tasks for them. 

On the other hand, there are potential risks involved in taking on a foot slave role. This includes financial considerations, dependency issues, and possible confusion about what is expected from each party involved in the situation. 

The foot slave should never forget that they are providing services to another person – not gaining any form of benefit themselves – and must respect boundaries set by those receiving their help.

Strategies to Become a Foot Slave

For those aspiring to become a foot slave, there are many different strategies and techniques one can use to make the most of their experience. Foot slavery requires an individual with an open mind, willingness to explore new things and dedication to learning the rules that come with this lifestyle. 

The first step in becoming a successful foot slave is understanding what is expected of you. You must be willing to submit completely and willingly to your partner’s demands without question. 

In addition, you need to understand the power dynamics involved in this type of relationship. This will help ensure that both parties are comfortable with their roles in the relationship. 

Once these basics have been established, it’s essential for you as a slave to get comfortable with your body and learn how best to respond when instructed by your partner.


The foot slave phenomenon concludes that it remains a popular choice among many people. Some people enjoy being dominated by another person through their feet, and some love how it feels to be served in this way. The physical sensation of having someone else’s feet on your skin is often described as intense yet pleasurable. 

Overall, those participating in foot slavery can experience powerful sensations ranging from pleasure to discomfort. While some use it for recreational purposes, some use it as a form of power exchange or even a type of therapy. Ultimately, everyone has to make decisions when deciding whether or not to participate in this activity

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