Fortnox wants to offer its own digital mailbox

Fortnox Logo

Fortnox Logo

Fortnox is hugely popular with many business owners as they make it easier to keep track of invoices and accounting, now they want to make it even easier.

Kivra is a popular digital mailbox for private individuals and has quickly become a success for many. Now want Fortnox create its own digital corporate mailbox which one has applied for and this is mostly focus on companies then.
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The purpose of this digital mailbox from Fortnox is that letters from authorities and others should end up directly in the system for which you already pay.
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A step further is that Fortnox is working on other solutions where an AI should be able to read the mail and in turn provide suggestions for the accounting that would suit best.

As I said, Fortnox has not been approved for its digital mailbox, but should they receive it, the launch will take place during the second half of 2021.

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