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FREE Graphic Design: List of The Best Tools

To get a professional design, it is ideal to study graphic design online or take a course at a school, but here, you will see that sometimes it is not necessary.

Graphic design is part of digital marketing and is essential today. Creation and editing of images, logos, ebook covers, or infographics make your images more personal. They are visually necessary, and most importantly, they will please the reader, and they will please Google ( SEO ).

When you are going to start a guaranteed web page, paying for the web design and editing service if you do not have time may be the best option, it is essential, and it is worth investing in it.

I will introduce you to the free graphic design programs that I use. They are easy to handle, give fantastic results, and you don’t need to study to get attractive designs.

There are many types of tools for graphic design, some are online, and others you can use with easy access since they are free graphic design programs for PC.

I bring you some that I consider easy to understand and handle and that give fantastic results. They are programs to design images and elements that you will need as a complement when creating a web page.

The images that you will use to layout with WordPress tools such as Elementor and GeneratePress have to be treated with care.

Free graphic design programs for beginners, pure and simple

Gimp: It is a complete graphic design program. The equivalent of photoshop but free.

Pixlr: This tool is a very simple design program to edit a photo in the simplest way and quickly convert it to the format you want. I use it a lot. Very complete.

Lucicriosweb(Riot): Free graphic design program for beginners, very simple. You will be able to optimize images in the most agile and fast way. You can change the size of the photo or reduce its weight.

Webresizer: It is a complete design tool. Through its functions, it is modifying the size, rotating, cropping, adding frames, brightness, etc.

FotoJet: It’s a web-based program with a very intuitive interface. It includes all of the elements you need for graphic design and it’s perfect for starters.

Graphic design programs to compress and resize images

If you need design programs to compress and resize images, here are some that will surely help you a lot.

The images that you upload to your website cannot be uploaded without losing weight. You need to compress them as much as possible without losing quality. Imagine if you are going to create a blog the number of images you have to upload.

It is almost mandatory that you optimize them in size and that.

These graphic design tools you will use almost daily:

Compressjpeg: Reduce the weight of a photo in a simple way. The loading speed of your website is important, and lowering the weight of the image helps. This other tool can reduce the size of an image by up to 90% with little loss of quality. It treats four different formats: JPEG, PNG, GIF, and SVG.

Tinypng: This is a free online tool that allows you to compress images or reduce the size of photos in png or jpeg format. The best thing about it is that it allows you to upload up to 20 photos at once.

Fileminizer pictures: A tool that can compress photos up to 98% with a maximum size of 5MB. Support jpeg, png, gif, bmp, tiff, and emf. The only drawback is that it is only available for windows.

Modern free graphic design: Personalization, icons.

Visual images are very necessary for a website, infographics or custom design images  will make your website a better navigation factor, and you will be better looked at by google: It is a good online program to apply graphic design to the web design you are looking for. With many editing options. With just drag and drop, you will make very modern designs. Thousands of templates to easily touch up or edit a graphic drawing.

DesignCap: This tool is one of my favorites. It has a free part with which you can create posters, collages, headers for social networks, infographics, etc.

Canva: A fully customizable design for brochures, covers, posters, or invitations. Simple and fast. The only drawback is that the free edited design comes out with the watermark (canva). If you don’t want it to come out, it costs €1. If anyone can define what graphic design is, it’s Canva.

Programs to design free logos

It is clear that sometimes you need to contract the logo design, and without a doubt, the result will be much more professional; But if you want to try to do it yourself, here is a list of the best programs to design free logos:

DesignEvo: Creating a logo is very easy with DesignEvo. It is a fantastic tool and one of my favorites. Add the brand name, and in a few seconds, you will have the personal or company design in different formats and different customizable options.

Logogratis: One of the simplest. No registration. Very basic.

Logo maker: It allows you to download the logo using the HTML code that you can paste onto your website. Otherwise, it is paid.

Logopit: It’s an android app: I found it, it’s the one I use, and it’s very good. Totally free. Save your image on your mobile. You pass it to the pc, and that’s it.

Infographic Design

If you need to focus on infographics for your articles, this list will have everything you need.

Infographics help to graphically understand what you want to explain in the article. Take advantage of it.

Piktochart: Registration and link in the email. It is the one I use the most with a blog that is updated frequently. It requires little effort and creates very good infographics.

Canva: Very good infographic design, Like everything on canva. Not only can you do this, but you can also create posters, and images for social networks, Youtube, etc.

Creately: Very easy to use. By registering, you can download the infographic. It is an excellent program for making graphs. It is one of the best known. You can also make quality posters and draw graphics online.

Pickmonkey: Free for 30 days when you sign up. Without registration, you will skip a lot of advertising. The advantage is that you can earn money with it if you become an affiliate and promote it on your website.

Venngage: Having a number of free templates is another good option if you can’t find one you like on the above websites.

To conclude

And you know, it is ideal to hire a freelance web designer who provides a plus of images to the design, but if you want to save a little on the investment, you can provide quality images thanks to these free graphic design tools.

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