Free repairs for those who are kind to Apple employees

No matter how angry or annoyed you are, it does not help to scold store staff. Especially not if you walk into an Apple store and start yelling at those who work there.

According to the TikTok user @Tanicornerstone who should have worked who should have worked in an Apple store, there is a secret policy that says that customers who are kind to store employees can get extra benefits.

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Among other things, free repairs and other help that solves their problems more easily than for those who bark and keep on.

Tanicornerstone writes that the policy is called “Surprice and delight”, and that it is a way for Apple to give the customer an unexpectedly positive experience. For example, a water-damaged iPhone can be replaced free of charge to the customer’s delight.

Employees should only be able to help the customer in this way a limited number of times. And it is debated whether the policy may actually be used today or not within Apple.

Also note that Apple has not confirmed (and probably never will) or even commented on this statement. It can be a local policy, a national one, or it’s just something called a policy but it’s not really.

Regardless, Tanicornerstone puts the finger on a very important thing – that it does not help to scold the store worker. Because it’s not their fault that your gadget has broken and they are unfortunately only in the firing line for your irritation. So take it easy, please see what can be solved.

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