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The latest trends in future technology are mesmerizing and truly amazing. The forecasters of the past didn’t quite get the timing right, they got the technology right.

Currently, we are standing on a rollercoaster of whirling technology. As we are just around an everyday changing technology, so there is a huge difference between today and yesterday.

After every next day, we are witnessing a new technology, replacing a previous one. Some awesome technology gadgets are changing our daily lives with so much to come shortly.

The futurists and clairvoyants of the previous century had predicted a long time ago about the luxury lifestyle of the 2000s and beyond. It was manifestly foreboding in the last century that after 60 years and so there will be flying cars along with the mesmerizing presence of airborne robots.

According to recent research on the upcoming technology trends, in just 2 years the majority of Americans will be buying several different tech gadgets. These gadgets will not only change the lives of individuals but it will also affect the global community massively.

Voice Assistant

A great example of the upcoming technology is the voice assistant. The expectation from a wide range of American citizens is to buy a voice assistant device before 2021. These devices may be like an Amazon Echo or an Apple Homepod.

Many people believe Artificial intelligence is the main reason due to which these voice assistants have grown successfully. It is a manifestly proven fact that in near future we will communicate through voice rather than text.

One of the major reasons why these voice assistants will take over the text phenomenon that big industries like Amazon are still releasing regular updates about these voice assistants. We are currently in the doldrums of whether we will see a dominant voice assistant impact all over or not.

Just imagine a world in which dangerous and extremely virulent like cancer and cystic fibrosis are being cured with ease. One of these amazing technologies is Crispr, through which most agonizing diseases are being cured.

Future Technology Amazing

The future technology amazes us every next moment especially robot assistance is the most useful. Companies like Boston Dynamics are one of the most powerful platforms for these assistants. They have already come up with so many exciting discoveries.

Only a few years ago we were not sure whether augmented reality would become a fact or not. The tech giants like Apple are investing billions of dollars in augmented reality hardware which is a sign of its renaissance.

The recent report about Apple’s current work shows that the company is working on an AR headset that will finally take over the iPhone.

If the latest technology trends have bushed you then what will you feel when you hear about driverless vehicles?. Does that seem strange? but, as we have been reported, General Motors are currently working on this amazing pursuit.

The conception of flying cars and driverless vehicles has just changed the entire world.
Giants like Uber have teamed up with Nasa in order to complete this magnanimous mission of driverless vehicles.

The changing technology is lingering everywhere not only amazing discoveries like an iPhone, voice assistants, and driverless vehicles are surprising. But, there is a massive change in the economy as well.

One of the brightest examples of the economic revolution is the cryptocurrency giant Bitcoin. Yes! you got it right, After jolting between success and criticism, The Bitcoin revolution has completely changed the lives of millions of people.

Especially business magnates all around the world are hankering to invest in it and bet on it to a very large extent. The fact is that Bitcoin is still in our dormitory because it is still only available in virtual form.
However, it has shaped the lives of several business prodigies.

The gozney pizza oven is mindblowing machine and you should use it.


Conclusively, we have an abstruse look over the future technology which manifestly shows the traits and trends of our upcoming lifestyle. We can not predict the future but we can say that future technology is an exciting place to live.

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