Gab is shut down from the fifth bank – in just five weeks

Gab is shut down from the fifth bank - in just five weeks

The freedom of speech-friendly Twitter competitor Gab announces that you have been evicted from your fifth bank in just five weeks. It is believed that the Biden administration is behind the censorship and harassment and that it is clear that they are trying to prevent Gab from continuing to run his business.

Gab was recently banned from our fifth bank in five weeks. This is Operation Chokepoint under the Biden administration. We can literally not have a regular business account to store our moneyr ”, it is stated in a post.

As Facebook, Twitter and Youtube have intensified their censorship, many users have chosen to “escape” to competing alternatives such as Gab. The Twitter competitor has also increasingly come to be regarded as a potential threat to censorship-making authorities of various kinds who want to control what is discussed and how.

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