The Untold Story of Gabriel Kuhn and Daniel Perry


If you are a gaming enthusiast, you might have heard about the famous murder case: Gabriel Kuhn and Daniel Perry photos. The reason it is so famous among gamers is that Gabriel Kuhn was a gamer who Daniel Patry murdered for the reason that the former had 20,000 digital coins.

It doesn’t matter whether you have heard about it or not, and this article has got you all the information you need to know about this murder case. Moreover, this article covers all the relevant murder case information from the beginning to the end.


Gabriel Kuhn and Daniel Perry photos and murder investigations reports suggest that Daniel Patry was an aggressive person who was jealous of Kuhn because he had 20,000 digital coins. As a result of those coins, he got furious and decided to kill Kuhn. Remember that Kuhn was a younger gamer at that time. 

The official authorities and law and enforcement agencies initially the murder’s details confidential as they were adolescents, and to date, not much information is available to the general publish. Moreover, the available information is nothing more than rumors that could be valid or invalid.

The official reports disclosed some information about the murderer, saying that Daniel Patry killed Kuhn for those digital coins and that Patry was only 16 years old at the time of committing this brutal act. Furthermore, he was captured by law and enforcement agencies in 2007 and should be around 31 years old.

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As mentioned earlier, Kuhn was a gaming enthusiast killed by Patry because he had 20,000 in a game called Tibia. The murder case is famously known as Gabriel Kuhn and Daniel Perry photos, but how did they know each other? Well, conferring with the official authorities, both were neighbors who were closer to each other, and both got connected because they would play the same game, i.e., Tibia.

You might wonder if Patry killed Kuhn because he was good at earning digital coins in the game. If yes, then you are wrong because things were otherwise. The reason behind this brutal murder was that Patry lent some coins to Kuhn, and when asked to return his coins, Kuhn refused to do so, and that led him to kill his neighbour. Remember that, according to authorities, Patry was an aggressive teenager who was not even mentally stable.

The authorities further clarified that Kuhn was 4 years younger than his neighbour, meaning he was 12 years old at the time of his murder. Since their fight started after lending digital coins to Kuhn, which he refused to pay, and this is what made Patry furious, he decided to kill him and became a minor murderer.

The authorities refrained from sharing Kuhn’s exact date of birth and only mentioned in their reports that he was only 12 years old at the time of his murder. Similarly, the general public nor know about Patry’s exact date of birth since they also mentioned his age solely and not his birth date. The only thing we know about Patry’s age is that he is around 31 because he was only 16 years old at the time of attempting murder.

The whole story, the famous gamers Gabriel Kuhn and Daniel Perry photos and the murder case became a media sensation when it was shared on Twitter and quickly after that, people started discussing this brutal murder case. You can find those discussions on Twitter that took place after the murder became known to the general public. However, it’s in Portuguese. If you don’t know the language, you can use various translators to understand what people were saying about Gabriel Kuhn and Daniel Perry photos and murder case.



According to various authentic sources, Patry’s behaviour was considerably changed after the murder. Before making him part of the murder’s investigation, his parents noticed that his behaviour was changed and he had a bad temper. For that reason they took him to a psychiatrist; furthermore, he would frequently miss class and would not go to school and as a result of his changed behavior, his academic performance was negatively affected.

Before the murder, Daniel Patry was addicted to Tibia and earned many coins. He would lend coins to his friends in his neighborhood; since Kuhn was also his friend, they got along because of their same interests.

Like other friends, Patry one day landed coins to Kuhn, and when asked to return his coins, Kuhn refused to do so, making him more furious because he was already a short-lived teenager. After refusal, Patry decided to kill him.

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After the tragic moment in Brazil in 2007, Daniel Patry has accused of murder in Gabriel Kuhn and Daniel perry photos and murder cases. However, since he was only 16 years old and was declared a minor, the authorities sent him to 3 years in jail. After that, he was released. Today Daniel Patry is supposed to live freely and might have a wife and kids, but in history, he will be remembered as a murderer who killed his friend just for the sake of digital coins in a Tibia game.

The most exciting thing about the murder case is that those 20,000 digital coins, whose actual worth was $1.75, cost him his whole life as he was brutally murdered for that. Before being sentenced to jail, the court asked him if he had anything to say in response, to which Patry said that he would finish his vengeance in hell; moreover, he didn’t feel bad for Kuhn’s parents.

What so far we know about Patry’s family is that they are good and gentle people who loved their kids and gentle people. However, we do not know their names and personal information as the authorities never released or shared them with the media.

This was all we know about Gabriel Kuhn and Daniel Perry photos and the murder case; if you know and want to share something related to this case, you are welcome to do so.

Thank you for reading!

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