Tech tips How to download videos from Twitter for either your Android or iPhone

In the world with social media platforms, we see photos and videos that catch our attention. We would like to keep them safe in case we need to access them again to view them or share the videos with friends who aren’t using that same social media platform. Users of Twitter can save online videos to your Android or iPhones through downloading an application known as Download Twitter Video. Users will be able to access these videos at a later date however, it’s important to credit the author of the clip whenever it is shared.

For downloading a YouTube video via Twitter to Android:

Get the download Twitter Video app for the Android smartphone.

You can open the Twitter app on your phone.

Go to the tweet that has the image you’d like to download.

Choose the Share Option.

Click on ‘Copy the Tweet’

After that, launch then the Twitter downloader and copy the URL you copied from Twitter in the area that is provided by the app.

— You’ll find a Download option at the right-hand side of the screen. Click on it.

Choose the resolution you want from the available options and download the video. The video will be downloaded onto your phone. To view the video downloaded it is possible to go through the app, and then view it on the Gallery section of your phone.

For downloading a YouTube video from Twitter on an iPhone:

-Start twitter on the iPhone. Find the tweet with the video you wish to save.

— Click on the Share button on the Tweet and choose the option of copying the tweet’s URL.

— Open the browser on your iPhone and paste the link.

— Copy and paste an URL to the Twitter tweet you copied earlier from Twitter into the box and click the Download button.

Select the resolution at which you would like to download the video.

The video will play in a new window. click the share button located at the bottom and choose the Save To Files option.

Choose the option”On my” iPhone and then click Save.

You can download the videos you have downloaded from your Files application in your iPhone and choose On My iPhone from the list of places.

Download the Twitter video file, then click the Share button located at the bottom.

Click Save Video, and the video will be saved to the Photos app of your iPhone.

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