The Vivaldi 3.7 browser increases the speed

vivaldi 3.7
Vivaldi 3.7 is here.

Seconds matter. Yes, Vivaldi notes and launches a new, faster, version of its browser.

Vivaldi updates its browser for computers and Android. According to the developers, Vivaldi 3.7 is “much faster than before”. The desktop version, for example, should open tabs twice as fast and entire websites just over 25 percent faster.

The browser is also here in a new M1 version that will take advantage of the power of Apple’s own processor.

The Android version has also been updated, among other things, it will be easier than before to bookmark and organize bookmarks to specific websites.

We haven’t tested the Norwegian browser for a while, but will definitely put Chrome aside for a few days to see if the developers’ promises regarding Vivaldi 3.7 are fulfilled.

You can read more about Vivaldi 3.7 and download the browser here:

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