Update apps manually and one at a time on iPhone and iPad

Letting apps update automatically is usually quite easy. But if you want to speed up an update, or just update a certain app. How do you do then?

By default, apps are now automatically updated on iPhone and iPad. Something that in the name of honesty is quite nice. But since the automatic update usually only takes place when the device itself feels that it fits, it can sometimes be easy to update the app or apps you want – and when you want.
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Alternatively, see if there have actually been any new updates for the app or apps in question.

Manually update apps on iPhone and iPad

To update one or more apps manually on iPhone or iPad do the following.

  1. Start by opening App Store and point to your profile icon, at the top right of the screen.
  2. Then scroll down to immediately see a list of all apps that have updates available.
  3. Point to Update next to the app or apps you want to update. If you want to update all apps in one swipe, you can also do this by tapping Update everyone, at the top of the list of apps.

Just update an app on iPhone and iPad

Turn off or enable automatic updates

Sometimes it can also be good to, for various reasons, take a look at whether your phone or tablet is actually set to update apps automatically or not. If you also have limited data or just want a little more control over what the data is actually used for and when it is used, it can sometimes also be good to simply turn off the automatic updates. Then you do the following!

  1. Start by going to Settings followed by App Store.
  2. To turn off the automatic updates, set the slider to App updates during Automatic downloads to Of.
  3. Right under Automatic downloads there is also the option Mobile data where you have the option to decide whether the phone or tablet should download app updates via the mobile network or only over Wi-Fi.
  4. To turn off the automatic downloads over the mobile data network, set the slider here Automatic downloads to Of.

iPhone - iPad - Turn off automatic updates - AppsIf you come across any question marks or have other thoughts, you are as usual welcome to share your thoughts in the comments.
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