Battlefield 6 unveils June 9 (2021)

DICE has announced when the next big launch in the Battlefield series will be announced. And already on June 9, it’s time for Battlefield 6 to finally make an official appearance.

  • A biggest game so far in the Battlefield series
  • Presented on June 9 – released late 2021
  • A larger screening already planned for July

Lots of little teasers have already been released with short video clips hinting that Battlefield 6 is not far away. And when it’s released, the game title will be the greatest ever in the Battlefield series.

It is unclear exactly how much we will see of the new game during the presentation on June 9. We already know that game publisher EA planned a major screening in July, so it would be reasonable to assume some restraint in the first presentation.

It is probably a so-called cinematic trailer in the first place, and then that we get a longer and clearer demonstration of the game later in July.

Another detail is that we do not actually have the official name of the game yet. Many fans and other sites use the name “Battlefield 6”, but it is not impossible that EA has chosen a different path, as with Battlefield Hardline.

Today, four game studios are working on developing the new game – DICE, DICE LA, Criterion Games, and Electronic Arts Gothenburg.

The next Battlefield game will be shown on June 9, and it is at 16.00 in Sweden that applies. So keep your eyes open for more information!

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