Forecast: how gaming operations will change during Biden’s presidency

Much has been written about how Joe Biden’s presidency can affect industry, such as the health, oil and housing industries, but what about sports betting?
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Joe Biden’s ideas for games

In 2018, the Supreme Court repealed the PAPSA law that restricted sports betting and decided to transfer power to the states rather than the federal government. Since then, 22 states and Washington, DC. legalized certain forms of sports betting.

Biden did not talk much about the sports betting industry during his presidential campaign, but Biden’s campaign officials said the former vice president “believes that states and federal governments should work together to ensure that gambling is safe, fair and free for players. From corruption ”.

The statement indicates that Biden can support greater federal government involvement in establishing federal guidelines for sports betting. This is the idea that Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer and Utah Senator Mitt Romney have been promoting since 2018.

Most major sports leagues want the federal government to adopt rules to regulate sports betting. In recent years, the NFL, NBA, MLB and PGA Tour have pledged support for federal sports betting guidelines.

Such guidelines would make it easier for leagues to take advantage of this as they would open up a single comprehensive set of rules, unlike some states which introduce their own legislation.

NBA and MLB has offered to pay leagues a fair compensation of 1% of the total gaming pool to help pay compliance costs and prevent betting scandals.

Online publications describe how the legalization of sports betting has resulted in millions of tax revenues in many states.

Joe Biden’s first step towards meeting players

During a speech in Nevada a few months ago, Biden also said that he “does not support the creation of additional restrictions in the gaming industry, as the Trump administration did.”

Biden probably refers to the Ministry of Justice’s recent ruling on the Prohibition Act, but these legal interpretations refer to unsportsmanlike online games such as virtual slot machines and online poker.

Donald Trump spoke positively about sports betting when he was a casino owner, but as president he did not promote any laws related to the sports betting industry. Any legislation that provides for further legalization of sports betting requires the approval of Congress.

In a statement from Biden, the former vice president “does not support the addition of unnecessary restrictions on the gaming industry, as the Trump administration did”

The Department of Justice’s legal advisory opinion on the revision of the Prohibition Act, published in January, has been postponed after New Hampshire filed a federal action to block the move. The state feared that any change could eliminate the state lottery online.

Biden said that the prohibition law should be interpreted in line with a court ruling from 2011 that limits restrictions on sports betting and allows states to legalize and regulate online gambling. Nevada, New Jersey, Delaware and Pennsylvania are the only states that currently allow online games such as casino and poker.

Biden’s campaign also provided a brief commentary on a bill supported by Senate Minority Leader Charles Schumer, New York, and Senator Mitt Romney, Utah, which will establish federal rules for sports betting.
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In a campaign statement, Biden called gaming and tourism “powerful engines of the Nevada economy, supporting more than 360,000 jobs.” Biden said the current government’s efforts to “turn its back on the international community” “have led to a recent reduction in international travel to the United States.”

The law changes from 2019 state that the law applies to all activity where gaming information is transmitted via the Internet.


Gambling team experts and analysts said the new regulation could restrict states’ online gambling, online lottery sales – like the nationwide Powerball game – and global progressive slot machine networks like Megabucks.

A federal judge in New Hampshire overturned the conclusion of the Wire Act. The judge’s decision was appealed to the first district court by the Ministry of Justice, which overturned the enforcement of the new decision as early as April.

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