Zombie mode comes to Watch Dogs: Legion

Watch Dogs: Legion continues to be updated and a news that was not expected is that the game gets a zombie mode now.

Ubisoft has released patch 4.5 for Watch Dogs: Legion where the PS5 and Xbox Series, among other things, get a performance mode this time. But the biggest news is probably on PC, which has a new game mode called Watch Dogs: Legion of the Dead and simply means slaughtered zombies.

You simply have to survive against zombies together with three other players, sounds easier as I said but at the same time it still looks quite interesting.

However, this comes very unexpectedly, there are probably not many who had expected that we would see zombies in Watch Dogs: Legion, but now it has come but only to PC, if it comes to console is currently unclear as this looks to be some kind of test from the Ubisoft side, if the interest is simply there.

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