That’s how much a 2021 Tinder subscription costs

You do not have to pay to use Tinder. But if you want to get the most out of your love search, you need to pick up your wallet, because it is hardly free to find rags or sleep with Tinder.

The free level is just called Tinder and it is the most basic in terms of functionality. You can see all profiles, swipe right on interesting people a limited number of times and use one (1) so-called Super Like per day.

Tinder Plus, Gold and Platinum – smarter and more expensive

You will soon realize the limitations that Tinder has imposed on free users.

It is not possible to swipe right on everyone you are interested in, nor regret a swipe if you want it. In addition, you have to put up with annoying advertisements that appear in time and out of time.

The goal is to keep you interested enough not to leave the service, while you are tempted to pay to get those extra features that make it more fun to swipe right.

Unlimited with right swipes, more Super Likes, no advertising and Tinder Passport will make you open your wallet. Here’s all you get when you pay for a Tinder subscription.

TinderTinder PlusTinder GoldTinder Platinum
Match. Chat. Meet.xxxx
1 Super Like per dayxxxx
Unlimited with Likesxxx
Unlimited with Undoxxx
5 Super Likes per dayxxx
One free Boost per monthxxx
Pass ™ to all placesxxx
Hide advertisingxxx
See who likes youxx
New Top Picks every dayxx
Send message before matchingx
Priority Likesx
See all Likes you sent last weekx

That’s how much Tinder costs

Tinder PlusTinder GoldTinder Platinum
1 month165 kronor275 kronor329 kronor
6 months990 kronor
(83 per month)
1,638 kronor
(137 per month)
SEK 1,978
(165 per month)
12 months659 kronor
(55 per month)
1,099 kronor
(SEK 92 per month)
SEK 1,299
(108 per month)

It is absolutely most expensive to pay monthly for the subscriptions. The cheapest is an annual subscription where you pay the full amount directly for 12 months. Tinder highlights its 6-month subscription as the most popular choice with a mid-range price.

This is how the different subscription levels differ in percentage from each other.

Tinder PlusTinder GoldTinder Platinum
1 month165 kronor275 kronor
+ 67% from Plus
329 kronor
+ 20% from Gold
+ 99% from Plus
6 months990 kronor1,638 kronor
+ 65% from Plus
SEK 1,978
+ 21% from Gold
+ 100% from Plus
12 months659 kronor1,099 kronor
+ 67% from Plus
SEK 1,299
+ 18% from Gold
+ 97% from Plus

The prices were collected on May 7, 2021. Keep in mind that the levels may have changed after the article was written.

Tinder hides prices as much as they can

Tinder does not show prices on its website. Instead, the service chooses to highlight all the positive and fun for visitors.

Not even we terms on the site you can see any prices. Even here, Tinder is evasive and writes that they often offer promotions, which again is a lure for those who review the terms.

The only way to see actual prices is to register for an account on Tinder via, for example, the apps for Android and iOS.


How much does Tinder cost?

Tinder is basically free. You can subscribe at three different levels – Plus, Gold and Platinum – from SEK 55 per month to SEK 1,978 every six months.

How much does Tinder Plus cost?

Tinder Plus costs from SEK 55 per month for annual payment (total SEK 659) up to SEK 165 per month for month-to-month payment.

How much does Tinder Gold cost?

Tinder Gold costs from SEK 92 per month for annual payment (total SEK 1,099) up to SEK 275 per month for month-to-month payment.

How much does Tinder Platinum cost?

Tinder Platinum costs from SEK 108 per month for annual payment (a total of SEK 1,299) up to SEK 329 per month for month-to-month payment.

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