The LG UltraWide 35WN75C can have major problems with USB-C

Are you considering buying UltraWide 35WN75C? Then you must first be aware that this monitor has problems with USB-C.

  • The USB-C connector breaks
  • Flashing screen with FreeSync and G-Sync
  • Long service for affected users

More specifically, the screen has the problem that the connection via USB-C either works for a short period before it breaks. Or that USB-C does not work directly out of the box at all.

USB-C problems occur at any time

Consumer Emanuel writes as a review by a Swedish retailer that his screen experienced problems with USB-C after a few weeks of use. The service took five weeks, and when he got his screen, USB-C still did not work.

The monitor if it worked is terrific. The connectivity for usb-c is very unreliable and ultimately breaks. I’m now out of the 30 day window and it’s basically useless. Do not get this monitor the design is defective.

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It has also been reported that charging via USB-C does not work satisfactorily. The screen should be able to handle a maximum of 94 watts, which is enough for a Macbook Pro.

In practice, it is not certain that you will get what the specifications promise.

Many users testify that the UltraWide 35WN75C really delivers in many areas.
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Like the image quality and that the size is perfect for the resolution.

LG UltraWide 35WN75C flickers – is not a defect

Other problems experienced with the UltraWide 35WN75C are that the screen flashes with FreeSync and G-Sync. The problem occurs when the frame rate is below 60 fps and is not uncommon for monitors that support adaptive synchronization, but without Certification for FreeSync or G-Sync.
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There is thus no defect in the UltraWide 35WN75C. The screen is simply of inferior quality and does not meet the requirements of FreeSynC and G-Sync.

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