Get your Android phone to stop turning selfies in the “right direction”

Get your Android phone to stop turning selfies in the "right direction"

By default, many (but not all) Android phones mirror images taken with the front camera compared to what you see on the screen when the picture is taken. How to change the setting!

Many times it is quite smooth that even selfie pictures or movies are automatically turned in the opposite direction compared to what you see on the screen while taking the picture or movie. Above all, this results in text being readable and not mirrored on the finished image or film while giving a slightly more natural result (much like someone filmed one).

The times this, however, is not very good are, for example, when you have made an effort to try to get a really good picture or film, positioned in a certain direction, whereupon the whole picture or film is then automatically turned in the wrong direction. Smooth enough most people sound AndroidPhones, regardless of brand, you change this so pictures and movies taken with the front camera are saved exactly as they look when taken or recorded.

Let the selfies be mirrored on Android

The pictures below are from one Samsungtelephone with Android 11. The menu options and the names of the different settings as well as where they are located may differ slightly between different manufacturers and phones.

  1. Start by opening The camera app and tap Settings (Gear). In some Androidphones, you need to drag inwards from one edge of the screen (usually the left one) to bring up the menu options.
  2. Then scroll down a little bit in the camera settings and look for the setting Save selfies preview. The setting can also have names in the style of “Mirrored photos”. Activate the setting to allow pictures and movies taken with the front camera to be saved exactly as they look when taken. Alternatively, you can turn off the setting to allow the phone to automatically mirror finished images and movies.
Save selfies as they appear in the camera - Android - Samsung
Note that regardless of whether the setting is off or on, everything you see in the front camera will be mirror-inverted. The setting affects what happens when the image or movie is actually finished.

Mirror an already taken image on Android

If you already have a bunch of pictures that, for some reason, are not in the right direction, you can of course turn them right directly in the photo editor in Android. The following works for any photo, no matter what camera they are taken with.

Unfortunately, it is not possible to mirror films, but only rotate them. However, there are a number of apps that make it possible to mirror movies as well, one of the more popular (which is also free) is VideoFlip.

  1. Start by opening The Gallery app and navigate to the image you want to mirror.
  2. Point to the little pen, at the bottom of the screen to start editing mode. To mirror the image, tap the small symbol with two arrows, just below the image itself.

Turn image or movie - Android phone - Samsung

  1. Save the change by selecting Save, top. Clear!

Do you have other questions or did you encounter any problems with your particular phone? Write about yourself in the comments and we will try to solve the thoughts!

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