Ghost of Tsushima soon on PC maybe?

Ghost of Tsushima PC


Ghost of Tsushima was a big favorite last year but unfortunately Playstation-exclusive, but maybe the game can be on the PC now.

Ghost of Tsushima was clearly my big favorite in 2020 and it continues to hold up well, I think the game is doing well on PS5 so I do not miss any PC version of the game, but it may seem to be underway.
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Attentive fans have now noticed that Sony has updated the cover of Ghost of Tsushima where they have removed “Only on Playstation”, which many hope and believe may be a sign that the game is on its way to PC.

Sony has previously said that they will continue to invest in porting their exclusive games to PC after the great success of Days Gone and Horizon Zero Dawn. Now we can only hope that it will not take too long, but we should probably not expect Ghost of Tsushima to come to PC this year.
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