Google Ads Promotion Extensions – How to Setup and Use it

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This definitely increases the CTR of your ad when compared with another ad. Even though there is no direct relationship between the promotion extension and click-through rate, it does help to gain the attention of customers that will ultimately increase the CTR.

Read on to know what Google Ads promotion extensions are and how to set them up effectively.

What are Google Ads promotion extensions?

Promotion extensions are a type of ad extension that can be set up to show offers and discounts from your business in your Google ads. The goal is to entice people to visit your website by highlighting a special offer related to the search they made on Google. The Google Ads promotion extensions appear below your ad.

For example, if someone is searching for “shoes” on Google, your business may want to show a promotion extension that says “25% off on shoes”.

In this case, you can use the Promotion extension to promote those specific products and services related to the keyword searched. Users will be able to see your ad with a special deal or discount mentioned in it.

When to use Google Ads Promotion Extensions?

Google ads promotion extensions are great to use when you’re running a special promotion on your business. It helps in directing more traffic to your website which will ultimately benefit your business. You can include discount offers such as “15% off on shoes” or “up to 50% off on Orders over $50”. This can drive more customers to purchase your products and services which ultimately results in increasing the revenue of your business. You can also learn it wmlink 2step .

People are always looking for bargains during special occasions such as Black Friday and Cyber Monday. They usually search for ‘deals’ or ‘discounts’ related to clothes, gadgets, restaurants etc. So instead of just putting up ads with general information about your business, you can highlight specific offers and discounts in the ad copy with the help of this extension.

How to set up promotion extensions?

Setting up Google ads promotion extensions is very easy. You can enable this extension with just a few simple steps mentioned below:

1. Go to Ad & extensions tab and click on extensions.

2. Click on the plus sign and choose Promotion extension.

3. Google ads give you an option to add your promotion extension to an ad group, account, or campaign.

4. Choose the occasion for your promotion (optional). Google provides a list of occasions to choose from. There is a provision of dates when your occasion is eligible to be shown.

5. Select the currency and language.

6. Select the promotion type; monetary, percentage discount, up to percent discount, or up to a monetary discount.

7. Enter your service or product name

8. Input the Final URL that will display in your advertisement.

9. Enter promotion details if any. You can choose a spending limit or a promo code.

10. Lastly enter the promotion dates you would want the promotion to show on your ad (optional).

Promotion Types

Google Ads promotion extensions provide you with different types of promotions. You can choose any type that matches your requirements.

Monetary Promotion

Monetary promotion allows you to provide a discount on the product or service that’s being offered. You can choose a specific amount that can be offered to the users.

Percentage Discount Promotion

You can provide a certain discount limit on the product or service that you’re offering. You just need to mention how much the maximum discount will be and the promotion will work till that amount is reached.

Up To Monetary Discount Promotion

This type of promotion allows you to provide a maximum discount limit on the product or service that’s being offered. You need to mention how much maximum discount is allowed and promotion will work till that amount is reached.

Promotion Requirements

Google ads promotion extensions offer several options for your promotions settings. You can tweak the following to set your promotions as:

For orders

If you select this option you will have to include the amount of spending required for your customers to qualify for a discount.

For promo code

Sometimes you may require your clients to input the promo code at checkout. You will have to include the code in this section. The promo code has a maximum of 15 characters and ideally should start with “Code Y”.


This is where you mention the specific product or service you are offering. It is limited to 20 characters.

Final URL

This is the final destination where your visitors will end if they click on the clickable link. Ideally, this should lead to your product or service landing page.

Promotion dates

This section is optional. It is used when your promotion is scheduled to run for a particular time frame. You enter the start date and end date for your promotion to schedule your promo in advance.

This is usually set at ad group, account level, or campaign.

Benefits of Google Ads Promotion Extension.

Google Ads promotion extension can

Showcase special offers

Use this extension to display special offers and promotions to people who search for your products or services on Google.

Catch the attention of shoppers

They allow you to highlight promotions in a more visible and compelling way on your ads, which increases their visibility and drives more traffic to your website. With this extension, you can include the details of your current promotions directly on the ad itself, making them stand out to users.

Increase Average Order Value

One incentive that often lures in prospects is an offer for a discount.

Google Ads promotion extension allows you to highlight your promo code or discount on the ad itself, which makes it easier for users to find out about the offer and act upon it. They give advertisers an easy way to reach more shoppers who are looking for discounts, driving incremental traffic and sales.

Improve Quality Scores

Google Ads promotion extension is a great way for advertisers to get more customer engagement, which can improve your Quality Scores. It also gives you the opportunity to estimate the conversion rate of your ad. This allows you to know how many users are likely to click on your ads or visit your website after seeing it.

Boost Your ROI

Google Ads promotion extension can help you increase your return on investment by catching the attention of more users, increasing their click-through rates, and driving them to your website. You can also expect improved conversions due to this feature, which will further improve your ROI.

Increase click through rate and drive more sales

With promotion extensions, you’re able to show that there’s more to gain when someone clicks on your ad, which helps you increase click through rate and drive more sales.

How to know if the Promotion Extensions are working

The process of analyzing the performance of promotion extensions is the same as with any other ad element.


Are promotion extensions clickable?

Yes, Promotion extensions are clickable. If you have a promotion extension in your ad, the extension itself is clickable and will link to your website.

Can I run promotion extensions with other extension types and Ad formats?

Yes, you can. You can combine your promotion extension with ad formats like site links, callout, etc., and use any of the placement options available for your ad groups to make sure that your ads appear across various pages and relevant places on Google search engine pages.

Can I add multiple promotion extensions to my ad group?

You can add both promotion and call-to-action extensions with your ad group. However, we recommend you to use only one type of extension in an ad group for effective management of your ads.

Does my promotion work when I add site links with different landing pages?

Yes, it does. Your promotion will still appear when you add site links with different landing pages.

Does my promotion work on mobile devices?

Yes, it does. It will work across all platforms including desktops, laptops, tablets, and mobiles.

Wrap Up:

Promotional extensions are the best alternative to other types of extensions like call extensions if you want to create an ad for a short-term promotion. Google ads offer you several promo types where advertisers can choose according to their needs.

If you are looking forward to promotion for your products or services then you should definitely try out promotion extensions. They are worth a shot.

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