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Google Authenticator supports Face ID / Touch ID on iOS


Google Authenticator has enhanced security on iOS. You can now choose to use Face ID or Touch ID before viewing your security codes.

  • Protects your security codes
  • Set time intervals for when Face ID / Touch ID must be used
  • Released with version 3.2.0 on the App Store

Google Authenticator has received several welcome improvements in 2021.

Among other things, a revised design, support for dark mode and the ability to transfer several Authenticator accounts simultaneously to a new mobile phone.

The latest news with version 3.2.0 is that you get a new security layer for Google Authenticator.

When you activate the new security, you can choose to use Face ID or Touch ID before your security codes are displayed.

Choose between different time intervals

You enable enhanced security directly in the Google Authenticator settings.

Once you have activated the security, you can choose whether Face ID / Touch ID must be used each time you open the app or within certain time intervals.

Here is what you can choose from:

  • 10 seconds
  • 1 minute
  • 10 minutes

With the right attitude, you can be sure that no unauthorized person just picks up your mobile phone and creates security codes that give them access to, for example, your email account or Facebook.

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