Google Chrome 89 is released – much better memory usage


Google has released Chrome 89. The big news with the new version is that memory usage has become much more efficient. It frees up resources in the computer and can speed up a lot, especially on slow devices.

Exactly how much more efficient Chrome has become depends on whether you use Windows 10, macOS or Android.

If you use Windows 10, you can get up to 22 percent less memory usage, a slightly sharper renderer and more efficient graphics card usage. Chrome has also become up to nine percent more responsive than before.

If you use macOS or Android, you will notice a lower memory usage in foreground tabs. So tabs that are active for the moment.
Here, memory usage is 100MB lower, or up to 20 percent in some situations.

With macOS, Chrome 89 also has lower memory usage in background tabs, which are not currently used tabs. The lower resource usage means that power consumption on Mac laptops has decreased by an extreme 65 percent.

Chrome has not received the same improvements on iOS or iPadOS. The reason is simple – it uses WebKit which is the same renderer as in Safari. Chrome may not use its own standard renderer on Apple mobile devices.

If you already have Chrome on your PC or mobile phone, update your browser normally. Otherwise, you can download Chrome via the links here if you want to install it manually:

If you’re more curious about what enhancements Chrome 89 offers, Google has an excellent article and review here (in English).

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