Google continues to update its iOS apps after a long hiatus

Google has started updating its iOS apps again.
The company chose for a long time not to release new versions so as not to have to reveal what data they collected from iOS users.

Apple introduced rules on so-called privacy declarations earlier in 2021, and there has been harsh criticism from many developers. Not least Facebook, which has been hard on Apple.

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Google has chosen a quieter, more passive aggressive stance and did not want to update its apps. Speculatively because they did not want to fill in the declaration in the App Store (even though they actually filled in the information some time ago WITHOUT updating the apps).

Now, however, it seems that the updates are underway again, and the first to get a new version is YouTube.

The last update to YouTube was 15.49.4 and it was released on December 7, 2020. On February 13, version 15.49.6 came with a few improvements and optimizations.
Fixed bugs, improved performance, drank way too much coffee

Google has very recently promised to fill in all relevant information about what privacy data the company uses in its apps. Exactly when everyone can get the information remains to be seen.

Note that it is common for large app developers, such as Google, to choose not to release new versions during parts of December and January. So it’s not entirely unexpected that Google’s apps have had to wait for updates, even though it’s been a suspiciously long time now.

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