Google has introduced the new Nest Hub (2021) with sleep measurement and gesture control

Google has launched the new generation Nest Hub with sleep measurement, better speakers and gesture control. The new model costs 99 USD and is available in four different colors.

In terms of appearance, the new and old Nest Hub do not differ much.
In fact, they are almost visually identical with the same 7-inch screen and fabric-covered speakers.

On the inside, however, are a whole host of welcome improvements. Among other things, a Soli sensor for motion detection, a more powerful speaker and an extra microphone for sound recording.

New Nest Hub measures your sleep with Soli technology

The Soli sensor was introduced with the mobile phone Pixel 4 and with it you can both wave away alarms in front of the Nest Hub and get a practical sleep measurement.

The sleep measurement is done by Nest Hub identifying both your movements in bed and recording, among other things, snoring and normal breathing. Assuming you have your smart screen next to the bed that is.

All raw motion data and audio recordings stay on your Nest Hub and are never sent to Google. A nice feature that will make the Nest Hub more privacy-friendly, which is also why it does not have a camera like the Nest Hub Max has.

You can see all sleep data on your Nest Hub and via Google Fit in your mobile.

Keep in mind that you should not be more than one in bed and Google also points out that a dog in bed disturbs the Soli sensor so that the measurements can be wrong.

You can view all sleep measurements directly on your Nest Hub or via Google Fit in your mobile phone.

Gesture control and faster processor

An advantage of the Soli sensor is that it can be used for gesture control. This means that you no longer have to tap the screen or say “Hey Google” every time you turn off the alarm clock or timer.

Another improvement in the new Nest Hub is that the processor has become more powerful to handle all new functions and measurements. This means that Nest Hub has become quicker in the menus and thus provides a more pleasant user experience overall.

In addition, Nest Hub can learn which commands you use the most and speed up the identification of these, which further speeds up the use. This also happens completely locally on your smart screen.

Google also says that the new Nest Hub supports the Thread feature, which allows the smart screen to act as a hub for other compatible Thread gadgets.
However, this is a feature that is not enabled from the start; it must be activated via an update in the future.

If you still want to use voice control, there is an extra microphone (three in total) that helps with sound recording. Perfect when you call from another room and hope that Google Assistant picks up your commands.

Larger and more powerful speakers in Nest Hub

The new Nest Hub has a much more powerful speaker with 50 percent better bass reproduction. Physically, the speaker has increased in size and now measures 43.5 millimeters in diameter. And the goal here is to address perhaps the sharpest criticism of the first-generation Nest Hub, which is the sound quality.

There are four different colors to choose from – Chalk, Charcoal, Sand and Mist – and the new Nest Hub costs around 99 USD, or about 1,100 kronor including VAT. On March 30, the model will be released on the US market. It is unclear exactly when it will reach Swedish stores.


When will the new Nest Hub 2021 be released?

On March 30, 2021, the new Nest Hub will be released on the US market. It is unclear when the model will reach Swedish stores.

How much does the new Nest Hub (2021) cost?

The recommended approximate price at Google is 99 USD, or around 1,100 kronor including VAT.

Does the new Nest Hub (2021) have a built-in camera?

No, the new model lacks a built-in camera, just like the first generation model.

What colors does Nest Hub (2021) have?

The color options are Chalk, Charcoal, Sand and Mist.

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