Google has released an updated version of Nest Hub

Google has released an updated version of Nest Hub

Google has now secretly released a new Nest Hub which is more of an update with new features but the same design.

Then it was finally time for Nest Hub to get a small update, for the look it looks the same unfortunately, not much has happened with the design in three years.

But a lot has happened under the shell, among other things, Google has equipped the new Nest Hub with their radar sensor Soli, this will enable the screen to detect movements much faster in front of the screen, but it should also be possible for Nest Hub to monitor the user’s sleep if you have it near the bed, Google calls this “Sleeping Sensing”.

Google Nest Hub 2

The new Nest Hub also has new speakers, which will provide 50 percent more bass, and a new chip has been installed in the new Nest Hub, which means that Google Assistant is significantly faster than before.

Google will start selling the new version of Nest Hub on March 30 in the US, the price tag is $ 100. We do not know at this time if and when it will arrive in Sweden, but we hope that the wait will be short.

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