Google launches the service Threadit

Google launches the service Threadit -

Google has now released a service that is perfect for companies to brainstorm or easily work on their projects, how long does Threadit faith survive?

As you may have figured out, Threadit will be a web-based service where you can simply create short videos that you share with your group or if you want to share your screen and show what you are working on.
This can then the selected group discuss, give their opinions etc. and this is done either via text or video. This can also be an excellent tool to use in school environments today, considering that distance education is becoming more common and here you can in the same way share your thoughts and reflections in a simple way.
If you want to test on Threadit, you can either visit the website or if you install a Chrome extension to easily access Threadit. At the moment, Threadit has not been launched in Sweden, but it is probably only a matter of time.

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