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Google releases new Youtube app for Apple TV

Google is rolling out a new, improved YouTube app for Apple TV.
The new version gives the app a real facelift that matches what Google TV has had since November 2019.

In addition to the app being both nicer and more intuitively designed, it finally follows Apple’s guidelines for navigation on tvOS. Something that was not included with previous versions of the YouTube app.

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This means that the navigation in the YouTube app has felt different compared to most other apps for tvOS.

Thankfully, Google finally seems to have straightened out and is following the guidelines they follow. At least that’s what the indications point to.

Anyone who goes and waits for the YouTube app to be updated on their Apple TV can unfortunately have to wait a very long time.

As far as we know today, the rollout is extremely slow. German users have confirmed that the app can be downloaded there, and users in the US also testify that the update landed with them as well.

In Sweden, the update is not available at the time of writing.
It may take days or weeks before you receive it, all that remains is to wait and see.

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